Learn how to clean up the Oracle WebCenter Sites domain setup.

Stop all Administration and Managed server pods

First stop the all pods related to a domain. This can be done by patching domain “serverStartPolicy” to “Never”. Here is the sample command for the same.

$ kubectl patch domain wcsites-domain-name -n wcsites-namespace --type='json' -p='[{"op": "replace", "path": "/spec/serverStartPolicy", "value": "Never" }]'

For example:

$ kubectl patch domain wcsitesinfra -n wcsites-ns --type='json' -p='[{"op": "replace", "path": "/spec/serverStartPolicy", "value": "Never" }]'

Drop the RCU schemas

$ cd work-dir-name/weblogic-kubernetes-operator
$ kubectl apply -f kubernetes/create-wcsites-domain/output/weblogic-domains/wcsitesinfra/delete-domain-job.yaml

Check if the job has finished.

Remove the domain

  1. Remove the domain’s ingress (for example, Traefik ingress) using Helm:

    $ helm uninstall wcsites-domain-ingress -n wcsites-namespace

    For example:

    $ helm uninstall wcsitesinfra-ingress -n wsites-ns
  2. Remove the domain resources by using the sample delete-weblogic-domain-resources.sh script present at ${WORKDIR}/fmw-kubernetes/OracleWebCenterSites/kubernetes/delete-domain:

    $ cd ${WORKDIR}/fmw-kubernetes/OracleWebCenterSites/kubernetes/delete-domain
    $ ./delete-weblogic-domain-resources.sh -d sample-domain1

    For example:

    $ cd ${WORKDIR}/fmw-kubernetes/OracleWebCenterSites/kubernetes/delete-domain
    $ ./delete-weblogic-domain-resources.sh -d wcsites-ns
  3. Use kubectl to confirm that the server pods and domain resource are deleted:

    $ kubectl get pods -n sample-domain1-ns
    $ kubectl get domains -n sample-domain1-ns

    For example:

    $ kubectl get pods -n wcsites-ns
    $ kubectl get domains -n wcsites-ns

Remove the domain namespace

  1. Configure the installed ingress load balancer (for example, Traefik) to stop managing the ingresses in the domain namespace:

    $ helm upgrade traefik-operator stable/traefik \
        --namespace traefik \
        --reuse-values \
        --set "kubernetes.namespaces={traefik}" \
  2. Configure the operator to stop managing the domain:

    $ helm upgrade  sample-weblogic-operator \
      kubernetes/charts/weblogic-operator \
      --namespace sample-weblogic-operator-ns \
      --reuse-values \
      --set "domainNamespaces={}" \
      --wait \

    For example:

    $ cd ${WORKDIR}/fmw-kubernetes/OracleWebCenterSites
    $ helm upgrade weblogic-kubernetes-operator \
      kubernetes/charts/weblogic-operator \
      --namespace operator-ns \
      --reuse-values \
      --set "domainNamespaces={}" \
      --wait \
  3. Delete the domain namespace:

    $ kubectl delete namespace sample-domain1-ns

    For example:

    $ kubectl delete namespace wcsites-ns

Remove the operator

  1. Remove the operator:

    $ helm uninstall sample-weblogic-operator -n sample-weblogic-operator-ns

    For example:

    $ helm uninstall weblogic-kubernetes-operator -n operator-ns
  2. Remove the operator’s namespace:

    $ kubectl delete namespace sample-weblogic-operator-ns

    For example:

    $ kubectl delete namespace operator-ns

Remove the load balancer

  1. Remove the installed ingress based load balancer (for example, Traefik):

    $ helm uninstall traefik-operator -n traefik
  2. Remove the Traefik namespace:

    $ kubectl delete namespace traefik

Delete the domain home

To remove the domain home that is generated using the create-domain.sh script, with appropriate privileges manually delete the contents of the storage attached to the domain home persistent volume (PV).

For example, for the domain’s persistent volume of type host_path:

$ rm -rf /scratch/K8SVolume/WCSites