Configure an additional mount or shared space to a domain for Imaging and Capture

A volume can be mounted to a server pod which can be accessible directly from outside Kubernetes cluster so that an external application could write new files to it.

This can be used specifically in WebCenter Imaging and WebCenter Capture applications for File Imports.

Kubernetes supports several types of volumes as given in Volumes | Kubernetes.

Further in this section, we will take nfs volume as an example.

Mount “nfs” as volume

To use a volume, specify the volumes to provide for the Pod in .spec.volumes and declare where to mount those volumes into containers in .spec.containers[*].volumeMounts in domain.yaml file.

Update the domain.yaml and apply the changes as shown in sample below for mounting nfs server (for example, 100.XXX.XXX.X with shared export path at /sharedir) to all the server pods at /u01/sharedir.

The path /u01/sharedir can be configured as the file import path in WebCenter Imaging and WebCenter Capture applications and the files put to /sharedir will be processed by the applications.

Sample entry of domain.yaml with nfs-volume configuration

    # an (optional) list of environment variable to be set on the servers
    - name: JAVA_OPTIONS
      value: "-Dweblogic.StdoutDebugEnabled=false"
    - name: USER_MEM_ARGS
      value: " -Xms256m -Xmx1024m "
    - name: weblogic-domain-storage-volume
        claimName: wccinfra-domain-pvc
    - name: nfs-volume
        server: 100.XXX.XXX.XXX
        path: /sharedir
    - mountPath: /u01/oracle/user_projects/domains
      name: weblogic-domain-storage-volume
    - mountPath: /u01/sharedir
      name: nfs-volume