This document provides information about the system requirements for deploying and running Oracle Unified Directory Services Manager 12c PS4 ( in a Kubernetes environment.

System Requirements for Oracle Unified Directory Services Manager on Kubernetes

  • A running Kubernetes cluster that meets the following requirements:
    • The Kubernetes cluster must have sufficient nodes and resources.
    • An installation of Helm is required on the Kubernetes cluster. Helm is used to create and deploy the necessary resources on the Kubernetes cluster.
    • A supported container engine must be installed and running on the Kubernetes cluster.
    • The Kubernetes cluster and container engine must meet the minimum version requirements outlined in document ID 2723908.1 on My Oracle Support.
    • The nodes in the Kubernetes cluster must have access to a persistent volume such as a Network File System (NFS) mount or a shared file system.

Note: This documentation does not tell you how to install a Kubernetes cluster, Helm, the container engine, or how to push container images to a container registry. Please refer to your vendor specific documentation for this information. Also see Getting Started.