Validate Domain URLs

In this section you validate the OAM domain URLs are accessible via the NGINX ingress.

Make sure you know the master hostname and ingress port for NGINX before proceeding.

Validate the OAM domain urls via the Ingress

Launch a browser and access the following URL’s. Login with the weblogic username and password (weblogic/<password>).

Note: If using a load balancer for your ingress replace ${MASTERNODE-HOSTNAME}:${MASTERNODE-PORT} with ${LOADBALANCER-HOSTNAME}:${LOADBALANCER-PORT}.

Console or Page URL
WebLogic Administration Console https://${MASTERNODE-HOSTNAME}:${MASTERNODE-PORT}/console
Oracle Enterprise Manager Console https://${MASTERNODE-HOSTNAME}:${MASTERNODE-PORT}/em
Oracle Access Management Console https://${MASTERNODE-HOSTNAME}:${MASTERNODE-PORT}/oamconsole
Oracle Access Management Console https://${MASTERNODE-HOSTNAME}:${MASTERNODE-PORT}/access
Logout URL https://${MASTERNODE-HOSTNAME}:${MASTERNODE-PORT}/oam/server/logout

Note: WebLogic Administration Console and Oracle Enterprise Manager Console should only be used to monitor the servers in the OAM domain. To control the Administration Server and OAM Managed Servers (start/stop) you must use Kubernetes. See Domain Life Cycle for more information.

The browser will give certificate errors if you used a self signed certificate and have not imported it into the browsers Certificate Authority store. If this occurs you can proceed with the connection and ignore the errors.

After validating the URL’s proceed to Post Install Configuration.