To remove the resources you have created in these samples:

  1. Delete the resources associated with the domain.

    $ /tmp/weblogic-kubernetes-operator/kubernetes/samples/scripts/delete-domain/ -d sample-domain1
    $ /tmp/weblogic-kubernetes-operator/kubernetes/samples/scripts/delete-domain/ -d sample-domain2

    This deletes the domain and any related resources that are labeled with the domain UID sample-domain1 and sample-domain2.

    It leaves the namespace intact, the operator running, the load balancer running (if installed), and the database running (if installed).

    NOTE: When you delete a domain, the operator will detect your domain deletion and shut down its pods. Wait for these pods to exit before deleting the operator that monitors the sample-domain1-ns namespace. You can monitor this process using the command kubectl get pods -n sample-domain1-ns --watch (ctrl-c to exit).

  2. If you set up the Traefik ingress controller:

    $ helm uninstall traefik-operator -n traefik
    $ kubectl delete namespace traefik
  3. If you set up a database for the Update 4 use case:

    $ /tmp/weblogic-kubernetes-operator/kubernetes/samples/scripts/create-oracle-db-service/
  4. Delete the operator and its namespace:

    $ helm uninstall sample-weblogic-operator -n sample-weblogic-operator-ns
    $ kubectl delete namespace sample-weblogic-operator-ns
  5. Delete the domain’s namespace:

    $ kubectl delete namespace sample-domain1-ns
  6. Delete the images you may have created in this sample:

    $ docker image rm wdt-domain-image:WLS-v1
    $ docker image rm wdt-domain-image:WLS-v2