Move MII/JRF domains to PV

FMW/JRF domains using the Model in Image domain home source type has been deprecated since WebLogic Kubernetes Operator 4.1. We recommend moving your domain home to Domain on Persistent Volume (Domain on PV). For more information, see Domain On Persistent Volume.

If you cannot move the domain to a persistent volume right now, you can use the following procedure.

  1. Back up the OPSS wallet and save it in a secret if you have not already done it.

    The operator provides a helper script, the OPSS wallet utility, for extracting the wallet file and storing it in a Kubernetes walletFileSecret. In addition, you should save the wallet file in a safely backed-up location, outside of Kubernetes. For example, the following command saves the OPSS wallet for the sample-domain1 domain in the sample-ns namespace to a file named ewallet.p12 in the /tmp directory and also stores it in the wallet secret named sample-domain1-opss-walletfile-secret.

    $ -n sample-ns -d sample-domain1 -s -r -wf /tmp/ewallet.p12 -ws sample-domain1-opss-walletfile-secret
  2. Follow the steps in Upgrade managed domains.

  3. If you are using an auxiliary image in your MII/JRF domain, then it will be used as a domain creation image. If you are not using an auxiliary image in your MII/JRF domain, then create a Domain creation image.

  4. You can delete the old domain resource YAML file by using this command: $ kubectl delete -f <original domain resource YAML>.

  5. Then, create a new domain resource YAML file. You should have at least the following changes:

    # Change type to PersistentVolume
    domainHomeSourceType: PersistentVolume
    image: <Fusion Middleware Infrastructure base image>
        # specify the volume and volume mount information
        - name: weblogic-domain-storage-volume
             claimName: sample-domain1-pvc-rwm1
        - mountPath: /share
          name: weblogic-domain-storage-volume
      # specify a new configuration section, remove the old configuration section.
        # secrets that are referenced by model yaml macros
        # sample-domain1-rcu-access is used for JRF domains
        secrets: [ sample-domain1-rcu-access ]
                name: sample-domain1-pvc-rwm1
                storageClassName: my-storage-class
                        storage: 10Gi
              createIfNotExists: Domain
              - image: 'myaux:v6'
              domainType: JRF
              domainCreationConfigMap: sample-domain1-wdt-config-map
                # Make sure you have already saved the wallet file secret. This allows the domain to use
                # an existing JRF database schemas.
                walletFileSecret: sample-domain1-opss-walletfile-secret
                walletPasswordSecret: sample-domain1-opss-wallet-password-secret
  6. Deploy the domain. If it is successful, then the domain has been migrated to a persistent volume.