In addition to the requirements listed here, the following software is also required to obtain and build the operator:

  • Git (1.8 or later recommended)
  • Java Developer Kit (11 required, 11.0.2 recommended)
  • Apache Maven (3.5.3 min, 3.6 recommended)

The operator is written primarily in Java, BASH shell scripts, and WLST scripts.

Because the target runtime environment for the operator is Oracle Linux, no particular effort has been made to ensure the build or tests run on any other operating system. Please be aware that Oracle will not provide support, or accept pull requests to add support for other operating systems.

Obtaining the operator source code

The operator source code is published on GitHub at Developers may clone this repository to a local machine or, if desired, create a fork in their personal namespace and clone the fork. Developers who are planning to submit a pull request are advised to create a fork.

To clone the repository from GitHub, issue this command:

$ git clone