Provide access to a ConfigMap

Configuration files can be supplied to Kubernetes Pods and Jobs by a ConfigMap, which consists of a set of key-value pairs. Each entry may be accessed by one or more operator-managed nodes as a read-only text file. Access can be provided across the domain, within a single cluster, or for a single server. In each case, the access is configured within the serverPod element of the desired scope.

For example, given a ConfigMap named my-map with entries key-1 and key-2, you can provide access to both values as separate files in the same directory within the cluster-1 cluster with the following in your Domain:

  - clusterName: cluster-1
      - name: my-volume-1
          name: my-map
          - key: key-1
            path: first
          - key: key-2
            path: second
      - name: my-volume-1
        mountPath: /weblogic-operator/my

This provides access to two files, found at paths /weblogic-operator/my/first and /weblogic-operator/my/second. Both a volume and a volumeMount entry are required, and must have the same name. The name of the ConfigMap is specified in the name field under the configMap entry. The items entry is an array, in which each entry maps a ConfigMap key to a file name under the directory specified as mountPath under a volumeMount.