Operator prerequisites

For the current production release :

  • Kubernetes 1.24.0+, 1.25.0+, 1.26.2+, 1.27.2+, 1.28.2+, and 1.29.1+ (check with kubectl version).

  • Flannel networking v0.13.0-amd64 or later (check with docker images | grep flannel), Calico networking v3.16.1 or later, or OpenShift SDN on OpenShift 4.3 systems.

  • Docker 19.03.1+ (check with docker version) or CRI-O 1.20.2+ (check with crictl version | grep RuntimeVersion).

  • Helm 3.3.4+ (check with helm version --client --short).

  • For domain home source type Model in Image, WebLogic Deploy Tooling 1.9.11+.

  • Oracle WebLogic Server or Oracle WebLogic Server

    • NOTE:

      • As of June, 2023, Oracle WebLogic Server is no longer supported. The last Critical Patch Updates (CPU) images for WebLogic Server were published in April, 2023.
      • As of December, 2022, Fusion Middleware is no longer supported. The last CPU images for FMW Infrastructure were published in October, 2022.

    Throughout the documentation, the sample images are General Availability (GA) images. GA images are suitable for demonstration and development purposes only where the environments are not available from the public Internet; they are not acceptable for production use. In production, you should always use CPU (patched) images from OCR or create your images using the WebLogic Image Tool (WIT) with the --recommendedPatches option. For more guidance, see Apply the Latest Patches and Updates in Securing a Production Environment for Oracle WebLogic Server. For details on how to obtain or create images, see WebLogic images.

    • Check the WLS version and patches using the WebLogic Image Tool inspect command: imagetool inspect --image=container-registry.oracle.com/middleware/weblogic: --patches. For more information, see Inspect images.
  • Container images based on Oracle Linux 8 are now supported. The Oracle Container Registry hosts container images based on both Oracle Linux 7 and 8, including Oracle WebLogic Server images based on Java 8 and 11.

  • You must have the cluster-admin role to install the operator. The operator does not need the cluster-admin role at runtime. For more information, see the role-based access control, operator RBAC documentation.

  • We do not currently support running WebLogic in non-Linux containers.

See also Supported environments for environment and licensing requirements.