Prepare for a domain

  1. Create and label a namespace that can host one or more domains.

    $ kubectl create namespace sample-domain1-ns
    $ kubectl label ns sample-domain1-ns weblogic-operator=enabled
  2. Configure Traefik to manage ingresses created in this namespace.

    $ helm upgrade traefik-operator traefik/traefik \
        --namespace traefik \
        --reuse-values \
        --set "kubernetes.namespaces={traefik,sample-domain1-ns}"

    If you have reached this point while following the prerequisites in the domain samples, stop here and return to the Model in Image sample instructions or Domain on PV sample instructions.

  3. Accept the license agreement for WebLogic Server images.

    a. In a browser, go to the Oracle Container Registry (OCR) and log in using the Oracle Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication service. If you do not already have SSO credentials, then at the top, right side of the page, click Sign In to create them.

    b. Search for weblogic, then select weblogic in the Search Results.

    c. From the drop-down menu, select your language and click Continue.

    d. Then read and accept the license agreement.

  4. Create a docker-registry secret to enable pulling the example WebLogic Server image from the registry.

    $ kubectl create secret docker-registry weblogic-repo-credentials \ \
         --docker-username=YOUR_REGISTRY_USERNAME \
         --docker-password=YOUR_REGISTRY_PASSWORD \
         --docker-email=YOUR_REGISTRY_EMAIL \
         -n sample-domain1-ns

    Replace YOUR_REGISTRY_USERNAME, YOUR_REGISTRY_PASSWORD, and YOUR_REGISTRY_EMAIL with the values you use to access the registry.