Access and monitor domains

    Use the Administration Console

    Use the WebLogic Server Administration Console with domains running in Kubernetes.

    Use the Remote Console

    Use the WebLogic Remote Console with domains running in Kubernetes.

    Use WLST

    Use the WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST) with domains running in Kubernetes.

    Use port forwarding

    Use port forwarding to access WebLogic Server administration consoles and WLST.


    Configure load balancers with ingresses.

    Use an OCI load balancer

    If you are running your Kubernetes cluster on Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE), then you can have Oracle Cloud Infrastructure automatically provision load balancers for you.

    Istio support

    Run the operator and WebLogic domains managed by the operator when Istio sidecar injection is enabled.

    External WebLogic clients

    Give WebLogic applications access to WebLogic JMS or EJB resources when either the applications or their resources are located in Kubernetes.

    Domain events

    Monitor domain resources using operator-generated events about resources that it manages.

    Status conditions

    Monitor Domain and Cluster resources using operator-generated status conditions.

    Log files

    Configure WebLogic Server and domain log settings.

    Monitoring exporter

    Use the WebLogic Monitoring Exporter to export Prometheus-compatible metrics.