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    Cannot pull image

    My domain will not start and I see errors like `ImagePullBackoff` or `Cannot pull image`.

    Boot identity not valid

    One or more WebLogic Server instances in my domain will not start and I see errors in the server log like this: `Boot identity not valid`.

    Domain secret mismatch

    One or more WebLogic Server instances in my domain will not start and the domain resource `status` or the pod log reports errors like this: Domain secret mismatch.

    Node heating problem

    The operator creates a Pod for each WebLogic Server instance that is started. The Kubernetes Scheduler then selects a Node for each Pod. Because the default scheduling algorithm gives substantial weight to selecting a Node where the necessary container images have already been pulled, this often results in Kubernetes running many of the Pods for WebLogic Server instances on the same Node while other Nodes are not fairly utilized. This is commonly known as the Node heating problem.

    Disabling Fast Application Notifications

    To support Fast Application Notifications (FAN), Oracle databases configure GRID (Oracle Grid Infrastructure). GRID is typically associated with (and required by) Oracle RAC databases but can also be used in other configurations. Oracle Autonomous Database-Serverless (ATP-S) does not provide GRID.

    Coherence requirements

    If you are running Coherence on Kubernetes, either inside a WebLogic domain or standalone, then there are some additional requirements to make sure that Coherence can form clusters.

    Pod memory and CPU resources

    Tune container memory and CPU usage by configuring Kubernetes resource requests and limits, and tune a WebLogic JVM heap usage using the `USER_MEM_ARGS` environment variable in your Domain YAML file.

    Handling security validations

    Why am I seeing these security warnings?

    Scheduling pods to particular nodes

    How do I constrain scheduling WebLogic Server pods to particular nodes?