Prepare Model Tool

The Prepare Model Tool prepares WDT model files for deploying to specific target environments. These customizations include:

  • Removing sections from the model that are not compatible with the environment
  • Removing files from the archive that are not compatible with the environment
  • Updating model file(s) to set parameters required by the environment
  • Replacing credential and attribute values with WDT macros
  • Generating a UNIX shell script that will help with creating any required Kubernetes secrets
  • Generating a variable properties file to customize attribute values
  • Generating any additional configuration files to configure the target environment

To use the Prepare Model Tool, simply run the prepareModel shell script with the correct arguments. To see the list of valid arguments, simply run the shell script with the -help option (or with no arguments) for usage information.

For example, to prepare model files for use with WebLogic Kubernetes Operator, run the tool with -target wko as follows:

$ weblogic-deploy/bin/ -oracle_home /u01/wls12213 -model_file model1.yaml,model2.yaml -target wko -output_dir $HOME/wko-output

In the output directory, you will find:


You should customize the,, and wko-domain.yaml files to provide environment-specific values that are appropriate for the target environment.

For more information about additional target environments and options, see Target environments.

Parameter table for prepareModel

Parameter Definition Default
-model_file (Required). Location of the model file. This can also be specified as a comma-separated list of models, where each successive model layers on top of the previous ones.
-oracle_home Home directory of the Oracle WebLogic installation. Required if the ORACLE_HOME environment variable is not set.
-output_dir (Required) Location where to write the output files.
-target (Required) Name of the target configuration such as wko, vz, k8s. For more information about target types, see Target Environments.
-variable_file The location of the property file containing the values for variables used in the model. This can also be specified as a comma-separated list of property files, where each successive set of properties layers on top of the previous ones.