Release 4.0.0

Changes in Release 4.0.0

Major New Features

  • #1481 - Added new Verify SSH Tool to support testing an environment for using the new SSH support.
  • #1516 - Added SSH support for Discover Domain, Update Domain, and Deploy Apps Tools that will allow these tools to work against a WebLogic domain running on a remote machine.
  • #1548, #1553, #1556 - Revamped the Model Help Tool to improve the semantics and behavior of interactive mode. Added online mode support. Fixed CRDs to work consistently with alias folders and attributes.
  • #1550 - Refactored the archive file and moved content extraction into $DOMAIN_HOME/config/wlsdeploy for some types to take advantage of existing Pack/Unpack behavior and admin server to managed server replications capabilities.
  • #1584 - Added support for creating WebLogic authorization policies during domain creation (GitHub issue #1496).
  • #1641, #1643, #1644, #1645, #1646, #1647, #1648, #1650 - Overhauled Application and Library provisioning. As part of this overhaul, we have tried to define the semantics for non-archived application deployments, particularly with online Update Domain and Deploy Applications tools. For non-archive applications/libraries, online deployment of binaries outside of the archive will always assume that the binaries are available to the Administration Server at the model-specified paths. Neither the -remote or SSH options will attempt to upload the non-archived binaries.
  • #1654, #1655, #1656, #1658, #1659, #1661 - Overhaul of the Create Domain Tool’s support for running RCU and applying RCU-related changes to the RCU Data Sources.

Other Changes

  • #1544 - Consolidated multiple internal WLST helper methods to get an MBean.
  • #1552 - Added typedef support for discoverExcludedBinariesList to allow OIG to add a custom application in the Oracle Home to the archive file.
  • #1564 - Added Discover Domain Tool support for discovering the WebLogic Remote Console domain extension.
  • #1568 - Added the ability to remove MBean assignments in the model by setting them to null or empty (GitHub issue #1483).
  • #1569 - Improved version handling for online operations to always use the server’s WebLogic Server version.
  • #1572 - Enhanced the wlsdeploy.debugToStdout system property to also include exception stacktraces when set to true. This will help WebLogic Kubernetes Operator users running into WDT issues to see the details normally hidden in the log files.
  • #1583 - Eliminated the -domain_home argument from tools running in online mode.
  • #1586 - Simplified variable injector configuration and customization.
  • #1587 - Removed deprecated RCU-related command-line arguments from the Create Domain Tool.
  • #1588 - Deprecated the domainInfo section’s OPSSSecrets attribute and replaced it with OPSSWalletPassphrase to better represent the purpose of the attribute.
  • #1592 - Deprecated Verrazzano support.
  • #1598 - Added support for online wallet distribution to managed servers in upcoming versions of WebLogic Server.
  • #1599 - Added support for the and 14.1.1 January 2024 PSUs.
  • #1605 - Deprecated the Deploy Applications Tool. The intention going forward is that users should be able to use the Update Domain Tool, which already does everything that the Deploy Applications Tool does and more.
  • #1613 - Added ability to use variable tokens in the SAML 2 data initialization property files that will be replaced during domain creation or update processing.
  • #1614 - Updated Discover Domain Tool to overwrite existing variable and archive files if they already exist.
  • #1616 - Improved RCUDbInfo validation in Create Domain tool.
  • #1630 - Replaced the -variable_property_file argument in the Inject Variables tool with -variable_file
  • #1653 - Added support for creating a domain with password digests enabled and users that are properly provisioned so that you do not need to delete and recreate the users after the server is started.
  • #1654 - Added OAM and OIG domain typedefs to support the Oracle Identity Management team’s Kubernetes offering. Please be aware that these are not intended to be general-purpose, WDT typedefs and are only supported by the Oracle Identity Management team in the context of their Kubernetes offering!
  • #1654 - Deprecated the RCUDbInfo section’s databaseType attribute and replaced it with oracle_database_connection_type.

Bug Fixes

  • #1555 - Fixed issues with creating and discovering UnixMachine objects in online mode.
  • #1562 - Added missing default values for RCUDbInfo attributes.
  • #1563 - Fixed an issue with Compare Model where it was trying to compare an invalid field.
  • #1565 - Suppressed logging of domain typedef information by the exit context used to handle unexpected errors.
  • #1575 - Added support for storing the CreateTableDDLFile script referenced by the TransactionLogJDBCStore in the archive file.
  • #1579 - Fixed an issue that limited the number of secret keys that could be referenced by the model.
  • #1584 - Fixed an issue where online updates that required restarts were using a 12.2.1+ API even with older versions.
  • #1603 - Fixed a bug related to online WLST error message formatting.
  • #1608 - Fixed a bug in creating Security groups that are members of another group.
  • #1610 - Fixed a bug where the Create Domain and Update Domain Tools were trying to create a security provider that is not valid in the current WebLogic Server version.
  • #1615 - Fixed an issue where certain errors during online update or deploy operations could leave a pending edit state that caused subsequent invocations to fail due to the pending edit state.
  • #1619 - Fixed a bug that was causing offline discovery to omit the LogRotation attribute when the value was set to none.
  • #1631 - Fixed an issue where the Update Domain and the Deploy Applications Tools running in online mode were trying to call start on an application when earlier changes required a server restart.
  • #1634 - Fixed an issue with the ResourceManagement MBean when running the Discover Domain Tool in online mode with WebLogic Server 14.1.1 and newer.
  • #1636 - Fixed an issue with Update Domain and Deploy Applications Tools when using the -remote option that was causing a TODO message to be generated when there was nothing for the user to do.
  • #1638 - Fixed an issue with the Update Domain and Deploy Applications Tools where the application specified a PlanDir and a PlanPath but the online deployment was ignoring the PlanDir, resulting in a file does not exist error when attempting to deploy the application.
  • #1642 - Fixed deployment issues with deploying applications not included in an archive file.
  • #1643 - Fixed an issue with Discover Domain where application/library path tokenization was preventing adding deployments to the archive file.
  • #1657 - Fixed an issue with the JRF pre-check functionality of the Create Domain Tool where it was ignoring any Data Source overrides for the STB data source set in the model.
  • #1659 - Fixed an issue with the Create Domain Tool where it was ignoring any Data Source overrides for the OPSS data source set in the model when fixing the jps-copfig.xml and jps-config-jse.xml files.
  • #1660 - Fixed an issue with the Update Domain Tool running in online mode against a JRF domain that was causing extra analysis of applications and libraries that the JRF domain typedef declares as filtered.

Known Issues

  • SSH support requires a reasonably recent version of Bouncy Castle. WDT picks up Bouncy Castle from WLST so, for example, the GA release fails with the following error, as mentioned at Applying a recent PSU should resolve the issue for and 14.1.1.

    SEVERE Messages:
            1. WLSDPLY-20008: verifySSH argument processing failed: Failed to initialize SSH context: Failed to SSH connect to host no such algorithm: X25519 for provider BC
  • SSH support for the Update Domain Tool and Deploy Apps Tool does not work when using an archive file and the remote WebLogic Server is running on Windows using the optional, Windows-provided, OpenSSH component. This is due to an issue with the SSHJ library WDT is using. See for more information.

See for the current set of known limitations.