Release 4.0.1

Changes in Release 4.0.1

Major New Features


Other Changes

  • #1664 - Added support for the OptionalFeatureDeployment top-level folder.
  • #1665, #1667 - Formalized support for both the replicated config/wlsdeploy/custom/ and non-replicated wlsdeploy/custom locations. Added support in the Archive Helper Tool and tweaked the validation message to only notify the user if they are only using the non-replicated location.
  • #1669 - Enhanced the WLS Policy support to allow users to modify built-in policies.
  • #1674 - Added and 14.1.1 April 2024 PSU support.

Bug Fixes

  • #1666 - Fixed a bug with extracting the WebLogic Remote Console extension that caused an error if the archive file includes a directory entry.
  • #1670 - Worked around a Jython 2.2.1 bug with posixpath.isfile() where it was returning False when the answer should have been True.
  • #1672 - Added None checks around plan file name calculations.

Known Issues

  • SSH support requires a reasonably recent version of Bouncy Castle. WDT picks up Bouncy Castle from WLST so, for example, the GA release fails with the following error, as mentioned at Applying a recent PSU should resolve the issue for and 14.1.1.

    SEVERE Messages:
            1. WLSDPLY-20008: verifySSH argument processing failed: Failed to initialize SSH context: Failed to SSH connect to host no such algorithm: X25519 for provider BC
  • SSH support for the Update Domain Tool and Deploy Apps Tool does not work when using an archive file and the remote WebLogic Server is running on Windows using the optional, Windows-provided, OpenSSH component. This is due to an issue with the SSHJ library WDT is using. See for more information.

See for the current set of known limitations.