Release Notes

Changes in Release 4.2.0

Major New Features


Other Changes

  • #1682 - Added support for discovering built-in security provider data in online mode. This includes DefaultAuthenticator users and groups, XACMLAuthorizer policies, XACMLRoleMapper roles, and DefaultCredentialMapper user/password credential mappings. As with other discovery features, default values are filtered out and will not appear in the model. By default, discovering users and credential mappings require the use of WDT encryption so that no clear text passwords are stored in the model or variable files.
  • #1682 - Normalized XACMLRoleMapper role handling by removing the previous discovery of XACMLRoleMapper roles (that was not working with newer versions of WebLogic anyway) and removing version limitations during provisioning.
  • #1682 - Deprecated the -use_encryption command-line argument and replaced it with -passphrase_prompt to make the purpose of the argument clearer.
  • #1682 - Relaxed the JDK 8 requirement to use WDT encryption. Later versions of JDK 7 have the necessary algorithm support so now WDT determines at startup whether the underlying JDK supports WDT encryption or not.
  • #1682 - Used the values of the -admin_user and provided password to populate the domainInfo:/AdminUserName and domainInfo:/AdminPassword fields when discovering security provider data.
  • #1688 - Enhanced variable tokenization support to include passwords in discovered security provider data.
  • #1689 - Added the ability to discover the OPSS wallet when running in online mode.
  • #1693 - Changed the wko, wko-dii (deprecated), and wko-pv target values to refer to the latest versions instead of WebLogic Kubernetes Operator 3 versions. Added wko3, wko3-dii, and wko3-pv to accommodate users that still require the ability to use these older versions.
  • #1697 - Added support for the Prepare Model Tool to preserve any one-way hashed passwords in the model.
  • #1700 - Added support for storing XACML policy and role definitions that could not be converted to their original policy and role expressions as XACML files in the archive file.

Bug Fixes

  • #1687 - Fixed a problem with the Discover Domain Tool not properly handling Data Source user names with spaces with older versions of WebLogic Server.
  • #1690 - Fixed a problem with determining the default security realm name that caused it to always be myrealm.
  • #1692 - Fixed a misleading error message when the model points to an application outside of the archive file that does not exist.
  • #1695 - Fixed an issue where the WebLogic Kubernetes Operator domain.yaml was including a placeholder for the domainHome attribute in all cases so that the WebLogic Image Tool could populate it when creating the image. This was occurring even in use cases where the WebLogic Image Tool did not have this information. WDT no longer does this and will only include the domainHome in the case where the user has specified it on the command line, or in the kubernetes section of the model.
  • #1698 - Fixed issues with the new messages related to the security provider data discovery features.
  • #1701 - Moved the TestSummaryHandler logging class out of the installer since it is only meant for supporting unit tests.
  • #1702 - Fixed a bug in deployment plan discovery for exploded applications.
  • #1703 - Fixed a bug in discovery of domainBin scripts.
  • #1705 - Added missing validation for the WLSUserPasswordCredentialMappings section.
  • #1706 - Fixed a validation bug that was causing lax validation to fail when archive entries were missing.
  • #1707 - Fixed a bug in the handling of the ActiveContextHandlerEntry attribute of an Auditor security provider.

Known Issues

  • SSH support requires a reasonably recent version of Bouncy Castle. WDT picks up Bouncy Castle from WLST so, for example, the GA release fails with the following error, as mentioned at Applying a recent PSU should resolve the issue for and 14.1.1.

    SEVERE Messages:
            1. WLSDPLY-20008: verifySSH argument processing failed: Failed to initialize SSH context: Failed to SSH connect to host no such algorithm: X25519 for provider BC
  • SSH support for the Update Domain Tool and Deploy Apps Tool does not work when using an archive file and the remote WebLogic Server is running on Windows using the optional, Windows-provided, OpenSSH component. This is due to an issue with the SSHJ library WDT is using. See for more information.

See for the current set of known limitations.