Release 3.5.3

Changes in Release 3.5.3

Major New Features


Other Changes

  • #1573 - Enhanced the wlsdeploy.debugToStdout system property to also include exception stacktraces when set to true. This will help WebLogic Kubernetes Operator users running into WDT issues to see the details normally hidden in the log files.

Bug Fixes

  • #1561 - Fixed a NullPointerException when there is missing fields in the RCUDbInfo section.
  • #1590 - Fixed an issue with the ServiceProviderSingleLogoutRedirectUri attribute in the October 2023 PSUs for and 14.1.1 that was causing an error.
  • #1590 - Fixed an issue with exception creation in 14.1.1 that was causing error messages not to be properly populated due to Jython 2.7.1 vararg method binding being broken.

Known Issues


See for the current set of known limitations.