Modeling a JDBC data source

This WDT domain model sample section has a typical configuration for a JDBC data source, including targeting information, connection pool parameters, and other details.

            Target: AdminServer,cluster-1
                DatasourceType: GENERIC
                    ConnectionReserveTimeoutSeconds: 10
                    InitialCapacity: 0
                    MaxCapacity: 5
                    MinCapacity: 0
                    TestConnectionsOnReserve: true
                    TestTableName: SQL ISVALID
                    DriverName: oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver
                    PasswordEncrypted: '@@PROP:jdbc.password@@'
                    URL: jdbc:oracle:thin:@//localhost:1521/myDB
                            Value: scott

There are additional sub-folders and attributes available for more configuration options. These can be determined using the Model Help Tool. For example, this command will list the attributes and sub-folders for the JDBCSystemResource/JdbcResource folder:

$ ${WDT_HOME}/bin/ -oracle_home /tmp/oracle resources:/JDBCSystemResource/JdbcResource

For this sample, the target cluster cluster-1 should be defined elsewhere within this model, or should already exist in a domain that is being updated.

It is recommended that credential fields, such as PasswordEncrypted, should not be stored as clear text in the model. Those values can be referenced in a separate variables file or in Kubernetes secrets, or the model can be encrypted using the Encrypt Model Tool.