Feature implementation

This document describes how specific features of WebLogic Deploy Tooling are implemented in the source code.

Creator and Deployer class hierarchies

The creation of individual folders and attributes within the topology section of the domain model is accomplished using subclasses of the Jython class Creator, in the module wlsdeploy.tool.create.creator.py. The Creator class provides base methods to recurse through nested folders in the domain model, create or update those folders, and set or update their attributes. Each subclass can override these methods to account for variations in behavior for different functional areas.

For example, the SecurityProviderCreator subclass overrides the method _create_named_subtype_mbeans with special processing to remove all existing security providers, and re-create them from the data in the model.

The update of folders and attributes in the resources section of the domain model follows a similar pattern, but the base class for these modules is Deployer in the module wlsdeploy.tool.deploy.deployer.py.

The class TopologyUpdater is a special subclass of Deployer that is used to update elements in the topology section after their initial creation.