Release 3.0.2

Changes in Release 3.0.2

Major New Features


Other Changes


Bug Fixes

  • #1405: Corrected some issues with the Windows shell scripts where they were not properly handling paths with spaces.
  • #1409: Corrected a bug where a wallet deprecation message was still being logged as a warning.
  • #1411: Corrected a bug where wallet extraction handling with multiple archive files was happening in the wrong order.

Known Issues

  1. When running discoverDomain with the -remote flag, there are several MBeans that are not being properly handled that will result in INFO level messages that look similar to the example shown below. These errors seem to happen only when the MBean is non-existent so the resulting model should still be accurate. These issues are expected to be fixed in a future release.
####<Feb 16, 2023 1:40:00 PM> <INFO> <Discoverer> <_add_to_dictionary> <WLSDPLY-06106> <Unable to add ServerFailureTrigger
from location /Clusters/mycluster/OverloadProtection/mycluster to the model : Failed to convert the wlst attribute name and
value for the model at location (model_folders = ['Cluster', 'OverloadProtection'],  'name_tokens' = {'DOMAIN': 'tododomain',
'CLUSTER': 'mycluster','OVERLOADPROTECTION': 'mycluster'}) : The wlst attribute ServerFailureTrigger is not defined for the
model folder /Cluster/OverloadProtection>