Release 3.1.0

Changes in Release 3.1.0

Major New Features


Other Changes

  • #1431 - Added new OPSSInitialization section to domainInfo in order to support ODI and OIG domain creation.
  • #1432 - Added database connectivity check to validate RCU database connection details prior to creating a domain using RCU schemas when not running RCU.
  • #1434 - Added JSON output of restart and non-dynamic change information (#1154)
  • #1438 - Deprecated the use of all RCU-related arguments that provide database connectivity information with the Create Domain tool.

Bug Fixes

  • #1428 - Added command-line usage for OPSS Wallet related arguments to Create Domain. Enhanced the documentation to describe how to use the OPSS Wallet to recreate a domain that connects to existing RCU schemas.
  • #1429 - Updated Discover Domain -target argument usage. Updated the documentation related to -target to reflect recent changes.
  • #1436 - Fixed an issue with deleting machines created by a template.
  • #1437 - Fixed offline discovery issues when discovering domains that have used slashes in their object names (e.g., SOA Suite)
  • #1438 - Fixed issues where Create Domain RCU-related command-line arguments were not override model-supplied values.
  • #1439 - Worked around a discovery issue for domains with the Trust Service Identity Asserter when the Oracle Home has not been patched to contain the security provider’s schema JAR file.

Known Issues