WebLogic Kubernetes Toolkit UI Documentation

The WebLogic Kubernetes Toolkit (WKT) is a collection of open source tools that help you provision WebLogic-based applications to run in Linux containers on a Kubernetes cluster. WKT includes the following tools:

The WKT UI provides a graphical user interface that wraps the WKT tools, Docker, Helm, and the Kubernetes client (kubectl) and helps guide you through the process of creating and modifying a model of your WebLogic domain, creating a Linux container image to use to run the domain, and setting up and deploying the software and configuration necessary to deploy and access the domain in your Kubernetes cluster.

Be sure to check out the Quick Start guide for a tutorial, which will step you through WebLogic Kubernetes Toolkit UI (WKTUI) functionality and familiarize you with its capabilities.

Current release

WebLogic Kubernetes Toolkit UI version and release information can be found here.

About the Documentation

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For developer information, see WebLogic Kubernetes Toolkit UI Project.

Get Help

We have a closely monitored public Slack channel where you can get in touch with us to ask questions about using the WebLogic Toolkit UI or give us feedback or suggestions about what features and improvements you would like to see. We would love to hear from you.

To join our public channel, please visit this site to get an invitation. The invitation email will include details of how to access our Slack workspace. After you are logged in, please come to #weblogic-kubernetes-toolkit and say, “hello!”

For detailed documentation and access to WebLogic Toolkit-related projects, see: