WebLogic Image Tool

Oracle is finding ways for organizations using WebLogic Server to run important workloads, to move those workloads into the cloud, and to simplify and speed up the application deployment life cycle. By adopting industry standards, such as Docker and Kubernetes, WebLogic now runs in a cloud neutral infrastructure. To help simplify and automate the creation of container images for WebLogic Server, we are providing this open source WebLogic Image Tool (WIT).

WIT lets you create a new Linux based image, with installations of a JDK and WebLogic Server, and optionally, configure a WebLogic domain with your applications, apply WebLogic Server patches, or update an existing image.

With the Image Tool you can:

  • Create a container image and install the requested Java and WebLogic software. And, you can create a WebLogic domain in the image, at the same time.
  • Create a new container image using an existing WebLogic domain from an existing image. The Docker image can start from an existing image with a JDK and Oracle middleware installation, or can install the JDK and Oracle Home as part of moving the domain.
  • Create a new container image by applying WebLogic patches to an existing image. In addition, if one did not exist previously, you can create a WebLogic domain, update an existing domain, or deploy an application.

For detailed information, see Image Tool.

Current production release

WebLogic Image Tool version and release information can be found here.

Recent changes and known issues

See the Release Notes for issues and important information.

About this documentation

  • Use the Quick Start guide to create a Linux based WebLogic container image.
  • The User Guide contains detailed usage information, including command options and usage scenarios.
  • The Samples provide typical and informative use cases.
  • The Developer Guide provides details for people who want to understand how WIT is built. Those who wish to contribute to the WebLogic Image Tool code will find useful information here.

Supported Fusion Middleware (FMW) products

Use WebLogic Image Tool to create, update, and rebase the following FMW product images:

  • Oracle WebLogic Server (WLS)
  • Fusion Middleware Infrastructure (FMW)
  • Oracle BPM Suite for business process (SOA)
  • Oracle HTTP Server (OHS_DB19)
  • Oracle Service Bus (OSB)
  • Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)
  • Oracle Access Management (OAM)
  • Oracle Identity Governance (OIG)
  • Oracle Unified Directory (OUD)
  • Universal Content Management (UCM)
  • Oracle Managed File Transfer (MFT)
  • Oracle Internet Directory (OID)
  • Oracle WebCenter Sites (WCS)
  • Oracle Identity Manager (IDM)
  • Oracle WebCenter Content (WCC)
  • Oracle WebCenter Portal (WCP)