The RWP*Load Simulator

The RWP*Load Simulator is a tool developed by the Real World Performance group at Oracle Corporation.

If you think of a bit of bash and SQL, a dose of PL/SQL, a nip of C or Java, a fragment of Oracle Call Interface, a dash of awk, a grain of sed plus a few drops of secret sauce and put it all into one tool, you will have an idea about what rwloadsim is. In its core, it is a programming language that takes a bit of each of these known tools and programming languages and integrates them into one.

Getting the RWP*Load Simulator

The tool is available at where you will find both sources and binary distributions.

RWP*Load Simulator users guide


Basic concepts

Using the rwloadsim program

Samples, public utilities and files, oltp workload

Advanced features

RWP*Load Simulator reference manual

The reference manual is distributed as a large number of pages that are very similar to ordinary UNIX man-pages; they are available after installation and online at refman/ There is a single shell script, rwlman, that is used rather than the ordinary man command, to display these. As a starting point, simply type