Create an image with full Internet access

The Image Tool supports creating Linux based WebLogic container images, applying WebLogic patches, and creating WebLogic domains. It can be used with or without Internet access.

In this use case, the Image Tool will:

  1. Start with a base-level operating system image (
  2. Update the image with the necessary packages for installing WebLogic Server.
  3. Install Java and WebLogic Server.


  1. Download these Java and WebLogic installers from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud and save them in a directory of your choice, for example, /home/acmeuser/wls-installers:

  2. Use the Cache Tool to add the installers:

    $ imagetool cache addInstaller --type jdk --version 8u202 --path /home/acmeuser/wls-installers/jdk-8u202-linux-x64.tar.gz
    $ imagetool cache addInstaller --type wls --version --path /home/acmeuser/wls-installers/

    Note: The value of the version must be a valid WebLogic Server version number. This version number is used to verify and find the correct patch file to download from Oracle Support. The format of the version is a 5 digits tuple, separated by period. For example,

  3. Create the image using the Create Tool commands. For example:

$ imagetool create --tag wls: --latestPSU --version --user --passwordEnv MYPWD  

Where --user --passwordEnv provides the credentials for a user who is entitled to download patches from Oracle Support.

NOTE: You can provide the password in one of three ways:

  • Read from STDIN --password
  • Environment variable --passwordEnv
  • File containing the password --passwordFile

You will see the Docker command output as the tool runs:

[2019-05-28 10:37:02] [] [INFO   ] tmp directory used for build
context: /home/acmeuser/wlsimgbuilder_temp8791654163579491583
[2019-05-28 10:37:09] [] [INFO   ] Starting build: docker build
--force-rm --rm=true --no-cache --tag wls: --build-arg http_proxy= --build-arg
https_proxy= --build-arg --build-arg
JAVA_PKG=jdk-8u201-linux-x64.tar.gz --build-arg PATCHDIR=patches /home/acmeuser/wlsimgbuilder_temp8791654163579491583
Sending build context to Docker daemon   1.08GB

Step 1/46 : ARG
Removing intermediate container 57ccb9fff56b
 ---> 18d366fc3da4
Successfully built 18d366fc3da4
Successfully tagged wls:
  1. To verify that the image was created, use the docker images command:
$ docker images

REPOSITORY                    TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED              SIZE
wls                           18d366fc3da4        About a minute ago   1.41GB    7-slim              f7512ac13c1b        6 weeks ago          118MB