Create an image without Internet access

In this use case, because there is no Internet access, you will need to download all the installers and patches, plus set up the cache. Also, you must provide a base operating system image that has the following packages installed:

  • gzip
  • tar
  • unzip


  1. Download these Java and WebLogic installers from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud and save them in a directory of your choice, for example, /home/acmeuser/wls-installers:

  2. Use the Cache Tool to add the installers:

    $ imagetool cache addInstaller --type jdk --version 8u202 --path /home/acmeuser/wls-installers/jdk-8u202-linux-x64.tar.gz
    $ imagetool cache addInstaller --type wls --version --path /home/acmeuser/wls-installers/
  3. For each WebLogic patch, download it from Oracle Support and set up the cache.

    For example, if you download patch number 27342434 for WebLogic Server version

    $ imagetool cache addPatch --patchId 27342434_12. --path /home/acmeuser/cache/

    Note: Refer to the Cache commands for the format of patchId.

  4. Then, run the command to create the image:

    $ imagetool create --fromImage myosimg:latest --tag wls: --patches 27342434 --version
  5. Occasionally, a WebLogic Server patch will require patching the OPatch binaries before applying them. We recommend downloading the latest OPatch patch and setting up the cache.

    For example, if the latest OPatch patch is 28186730, After downloading it from Oracle Support, you can use this command to set up the cache:

$ imagetool cache addPatch --patchId 28186730_13. --path /home/acmeuser/cache/