Create an image with a WLS domain using WDT

The Image Tool lets you create a customized WebLogic domain in the image using the WebLogic Deploy Tool.


  1. Create the image, as directed in the Quick Start guide.

  2. Download the WebLogic Deploy Tool, and then add it to the cache store:

$ imagetool cache addInstaller --type wdt --version 0.22 --path /home/acmeuser/cache/
  1. Provide the command-line options for the WebLogic Deploy Tool:
$ imagetool create --fromImage myosimg:latest --tag wls:  --version  --wdtVersion 1.4.0 --wdtArchive /home/acmeuser/wdt/ --wdtDomainHome /u01/domains/simple_domain

The parameter mappings between the Image Tool and the WebLogic Deploy Tool are:

Image Tool WebLogic Deploy Tool Default
--wdtArchive -archive_file
--wdtModel -model_file
--wdtVariables -variable_file
--wdtRunRCU -run_rcu false
--wdtDomainHome -domain_home
--wdtDomainType -domain_type WLS

If you do not specify --wdtDomainHome, the domain will be created under /u01/domains/base_domain.

Note: If you are creating a JRF domain and want WebLogic Deploy Tool to create the RCU schemas for you, you can specify the connection information in the model. See Specifying RCU information in the model.