Build from source

The Image Tool installer is available for download on the Releases page. If you want to build the installer from source instead of downloading it, follow these instructions:

  1. Download and install JDK 8u261+.
  2. Download and install Maven 3.6.3+.
  3. Clone this repository to your local environment.
    • Cloning options are shown under the Code button at the root of this project.
    • For example, git clone
  4. From inside the top-level directory of the cloned project, weblogic-image-tool, using Maven, execute one or more of these phases:
    • validate - Validate the project is correct and all necessary information is available.
    • compile - Compile the source code.
    • test - Test the compiled source code using the JUnit5 framework.
    • package - Create the installer ZIP file,
    • verify - Run integration tests using the JUnit5 framework (Prerequisite: Docker installed).
    • clean - Restore the source by removing any items created by package or another phase of the build.

Note: Maven executes build phases sequentially, validate, compile, test, package, verify, such that running verify will run all of these phases from validate through package before running verify.

Because the package phase comes before the verify phase, it is not necessary to run the integration tests to create the Image Tool installer. If you are making changes and want to validate those changes in your environment, you will need to do some additional setup before running the verify phase because several of the integration tests require access to the Oracle Technology Network. To run the integration tests in the verify phase, you must specify three environment variables, ORACLE_SUPPORT_USERNAME, ORACLE_SUPPORT_PASSWORD, and STAGING_DIR. The first two, Oracle Support user name and password, are used to connect to Oracle OTN for patches. The third, STAGING_DIR, should be a local folder where WebLogic Server installers, JDK installers, and pre-downloaded patches can be found. The files required in the STAGING_DIR depend on which tests that you want to run.

Example: Run a set of integration tests (available groups are cache, gate, and nightly:

$ mvn verify -Dtest.groups=cache

Example: Run a single integration test:

$ mvn verify -Dtest.groups=gate,nightly -Dit.test=ITImagetool#createWlsImg

Integration Test groups:

  • cache - Tests that build and manipulate the Image Tool cache.
  • gate - A basic set of integration tests that are used to validate merge requests, including building several Docker image (~20 minutes).
  • nightly - The full set of integration tests building various container images including JRF and WLS installations (~2 hours).

Note: In order to run an integration test that builds an image like createWlsImg, you must run the cache group first to populate the cache with the WLS and JDK installers.