Increase boot volume

The default boot volume size of worker nodes is 50 GB. The following steps needs to be followed to increase the boot volume size.

Increase the boot volume size in spec

The following snippet shows how to increase the boot volume size of the instances.

kind: OCIManagedMachinePool
    bootVolumeSizeInGBs: 100

Extend the root partition

In order to take advantage of the larger size, you need to extend the partition for the boot volume. Custom cloud init scripts can be used for the same. The following cloud init script extends the root volume.


curl --fail -H "Authorization: Bearer Oracle" -L0 | base64 --decode >/var/run/

## run oke provisioning script
bash -x /var/run/

### adjust block volume size
/usr/libexec/oci-growfs -y

touch /var/log/oke.done

Encode the file contents into a base64 encoded value as follows.

cat | base64 -w 0

Add the value in the following OCIManagedMachinePool spec.

kind: OCIManagedMachinePool
    user_data: "<base64 encoded value from above>"