Provision a management cluster with Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes

For this release, if you use Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE) for your management cluster, you will be provisioning a public Kubernetes cluster i.e. its API server must be accessible to kubectl. You can use either use the OCI console to do the provisioning or the terraform-oci-oke project.

  1. Login to the OCI Console as the iaas_oke_usr

  2. Search for OKE and select it:


  3. Select the right compartment where you will be creating the OKE Cluster:


  4. Click Create Cluster, select Quick Create and click Launch Workflow:


  5. Name your cluster and ensure you select Public Endpoint and choose Private Workers:


  6. Click Next and Create Cluster.

  7. When the cluster is ready, set up access to the OKE cluster. You can either use


If you are working with an existing Kubernetes cluster and have an existing kubeconfig in your $HOME/.kube/config directory, running the command to set up local access will add a new cluster context to your existing kubeconfig.