Kubernetes Cluster API Provider for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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Kubernetes-native declarative infrastructure for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

What is the Cluster API Provider for OCI

The Cluster API Provider for OCI (CAPOCI) brings declarative, Kubernetes-style APIs to cluster creation, configuration and management.

The API itself is shared across multiple cloud providers allowing for true hybrid deployments of Kubernetes.


  • Self-managed and OCI Container Engine for Kubernetes(OKE) cluster support
  • Manages the bootstrapping of VCNs, gateways, subnets, network security groups
  • Provides secure and sensible defaults

Getting Started

Support Policy


As the versioning for this project is tied to the versioning of Cluster API, future modifications to this policy may be made to more closely align with other providers in the Cluster API ecosystem.

Cluster API Versions

CAPOCI supports the following Cluster API versions.

v1beta1 (v1.0)
OCI Provider v1beta1 (v0.1)

Kubernetes versions

CAPOCI provider is able to install and manage the versions of Kubernetes supported by Cluster API (CAPI).