Known issues

This page lists the limitations and known issues (and their workarounds if available) of the WebLogic Remote Console.


In the current release of WebLogic Remote Console, you cannot:

  • Record WLST scripts while you configure WebLogic Server using the WebLogic Remote Console.
  • Test automatically if an application was successfully deployed. See Test Application Deployment for a manual option.
  • Reorder security providers in WDT model file providers. However, you can download the WDT model file and edit the YAML file manually to rearrange the order of the security providers.

Limited MBean property support

The WebLogic Remote Console includes the vast majority of the MBean properties that the WebLogic Server Administration Console supports. However, due to limitations in the WebLogic REST API, some are missing, including some that are deprecated. If you need an MBean property that’s not currently available in the WebLogic Remote Console, please let us know.