Build from source


Before you can build the WebLogic Remote Console, you need to install the following software in your local build environment:

You can verify you’ve installed the correct versions of the listed software by running the following commands:

   java -version
   mvn --version
   node -v
   ojet --version

Build from source

  1. Clone the repository at
  2. Open a command window and navigate to the home directory of the cloned repository.
  3. Run mvn clean install. After the build finishes, confirm that /installer/target/ was created.
  4. From the home directory of the repository, run the script.

The WebLogic Remote Console executable file is created under /electron/dist/.

To install the WebLogic Remote Console, follow the instructions at Get Started.

It's also possible, though not recommended, to use to run the WebLogic Remote Console as a browser application.