Upgrade the WebLogic Remote Console

Upgrade to the latest WebLogic Remote Console and take advantage of the latest features in both the console and WebLogic Server.

The WebLogic Remote Console extension is periodically updated. Check if there’s also a newer version of the extension available when you upgrade the WebLogic Remote Console.

Delete and replace any previous versions of the extension. Keeping multiple versions of the extension installed can lead to unexpected behavior.

If you use config.json to customize settings of the WebLogic Remote Console, consider backing up config.json in a separate location to easily restore it following the upgrade.

  1. Open Help > Check for WebLogic Remote Console Updates.

  2. Select Download and install it to download the update immediately. The update runs in the background so you can continue working in the WebLogic Remote Console with no interruption. The next time the console is launched, the updates will apply.

    Select Go to site to go to the GitHub repository where you can download the update manually.

If you’re on Windows and upgrading from 2.2.0 or earlier, the upgrade may fail when attempting to uninstall the previous version. To fix it, edit the PATH environment variable to ensure that %SystemRoot%\system32 is the first entry that contains the find command, then retry the upgrade.