A project is a group of providers connections to WebLogic Administration Servers, WebLogic Deploy Tooling (WDT) models, WDT composite models, or property lists.

Create a project

  1. Open File > New Project.

  2. Enter a name for the project and click OK. The new project will appear in the Kiosk. Next, you’ll add a provider to the project.

  3. Expand the Kiosk and beside the project name, click ⋮. Select one of the following options to add provider:

    • Add Admin Server Connection Provider
    • Add WDT Model File Provider
    • Add WDT Composite Model File Provider
    • Add Property List Provider
    • Create Provider for New WDT Model File
    • Create Provider for New Property List

    Visit Provider types for more information on each of the providers.

  4. Fill in the required details.

  5. Click OK to save add the provider to your project.

  6. Add more providers to your project.

You can add as many providers to a project as you want. You can also create multiple projects to intelligently organize providers as needed. Furthermore, you can add the same providers into different projects if you need to.

Switch between projects

You can create multiple projects in the WebLogic Remote Console, each with different domain connections or WDT model files, or both.

To switch to another project, open the File menu and select Switch to project. Choose the project you want to switch to.

Edit a project

You can edit a project and its connections at any time.

To add connections to a project, expand the Kiosk and click ⋮.

To rename a project, open the File menu and select Rename current-project.

To edit the details of a connection, expand the Kiosk and select the Settings icon icon beside the connection you want to edit.

Export a project

If you’re using the WebLogic Remote Console across several computers, exporting a project is a convenient way to share a project across multiple computers.

If your project contains a WDT model file, make sure the location of the WDT model file is accessible to all the computers where this project will be imported to.

  1. Create a project with all the desired connections.
  2. In the Kiosk, click ⋮ and select Export Providers as Project.
  3. Enter a name for the exported project. This is the name that will be used when it is imported into another WebLogic Remote Console instance.
  4. Enter a name for the file of the exported project.
  5. Click OK and choose a file location to save the exported project file.

WebLogic Remote Console creates a JSON file with the project details that you can import into other instances of WebLogic Remote Console

Import a project

You can import the project details of a previously created project to rapidly ramp up productivity in a new installation of WebLogic Remote Console.

  1. Export a project and save the file to the computer where you want to import it.
  2. On the computer where you want to import the file, start WebLogic Remote Console.
  3. Open the Kiosk menu and click ⋮.
  4. Select Import Project.
  5. Click Upload file and browse to the exported project file.
  6. Click Import.

The imported project will automatically become the current project loaded in the WebLogic Remote Console.

Delete a project

To delete a project, open the File menu and select Delete Project. Choose the project you want to delete.