Options passed to tableDDL.



compartment?: string

Cloud service only. Compartment id or name to use for this operation.

Default Value




complete?: boolean

If set to true, the returned Promise will only resolve when the operation is completed and the table state becomes ACTIVE or DROPPED (if using tableDDL to execute "DROP TABLE" operation).

definedTags?: DefinedTags

Cloud Service only. Defined tags to use for the operation. See DefinedTags.

delay?: number

If complete is true, specifies delay between successive polls while waiting for operation completion. Defaults to tablePollDelay. Has no effect if complete is not enabled.

freeFormTags?: FreeFormTags

Cloud Service only. Free-form tags to use for the operation. See FreeFormTags.

matchETag?: TableETag

Cloud service only. Entity tag that must be matched for the operation to proceed. See TableETag.

namespace?: string

On-premises only. Namespace to use for this operation.

Note: if a namespace is specified in the table name for the request (using the namespace:table_name format), that value will override this setting.

Default Value




tableLimits?: TableLimits

Cloud service only. Specifies new table limits for a table. See TableLimits. Note that this property is required when creating a table.

timeout?: number

Timeout for the operation in milliseconds. Defaults to ddlTimeout (if complete is true, separate default timeouts are used for issuing the DDL operation and waiting for its completion, with values of ddlTimeout and tablePollTimeout correspondingly).

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