This document provides information about the system requirements and limitations for deploying and running OIG domains with the WebLogic Kubernetes Operator 3.3.0.

System requirements for OIG domains


Compared to running a WebLogic Server domain in Kubernetes using the operator, the following limitations currently exist for OIG domains:

  • In this release, OIG domains are supported using the “domain on a persistent volume” model only, where the domain home is located in a persistent volume (PV).
  • The “domain in image” model is not supported.
  • Only configured clusters are supported. Dynamic clusters are not supported for OIG domains. Note that you can still use all of the scaling features, you just need to define the maximum size of your cluster at domain creation time.
  • The WebLogic Monitoring Exporter currently supports the WebLogic MBean trees only. Support for JRF MBeans has not been added yet.