Prepare Your Environment

  1. Set up your Kubernetes Cluster
  2. Check the Kubernetes Cluster is Ready
  3. Install the Oracle Internet Directory Image
  4. Setup the Code Repository To Deploy Oracle Internet Directory

Set up your Kubernetes Cluster

If you need help setting up a Kubernetes environment, check our cheat sheet.

It is recommended you have a master node and one or more worker nodes. The examples in this documentation assume one master and two worker nodes.

After creating Kubernetes clusters, you can optionally:

  • Configure an Ingress to direct traffic to backend instances.

Check the Kubernetes Cluster is Ready

  1. Run the following command on the master node to check the cluster and worker nodes are running:
$ kubectl get nodes,pods -n kube-system

The output will look similar to the following:

NAME                STATUS   ROLES    AGE   VERSION
node/   Ready    <none>   66d   v1.18.4
node/   Ready    <none>   66d   v1.18.4
node/    Ready    master   67d   v1.18.4

NAME                                      READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
pod/coredns-66bff467f8-slxdq              1/1     Running   1          67d
pod/coredns-66bff467f8-v77qt              1/1     Running   1          67d
pod/etcd-                      1/1     Running   1          67d
pod/kube-apiserver-            1/1     Running   1          67d
pod/kube-controller-manager-   1/1     Running   27         67d
pod/kube-flannel-ds-amd64-r2m8r           1/1     Running   2          48d
pod/kube-flannel-ds-amd64-rdhrf           1/1     Running   2          6d1h
pod/kube-flannel-ds-amd64-vpcbj           1/1     Running   3          66d
pod/kube-proxy-jtcxm                      1/1     Running   1          67d
pod/kube-proxy-swfmm                      1/1     Running   1          66d
pod/kube-proxy-w6x6t                      1/1     Running   1          66d
pod/kube-scheduler-            1/1     Running   29         67d

Install the Oracle Internet Directory Image

You can deploy Oracle Internet Directory images in the following ways:

  1. Download a pre-built Oracle Internet Directory image from My Oracle Support. by referring to the document ID 2723908.1. This image is prebuilt by Oracle and includes Oracle Internet Directory and the latest PSU.
  2. Build your own Oracle Internet Directory container image either by using the WebLogic Image Tool or by using the dockerfile, scripts and base image from Oracle Container Registry (OCR). You can also build your own image by using only the dockerfile and scripts. For more information about the various ways in which you can build your own container image, see Installing the Oracle Internet Directory Image.

Choose one of these options based on your requirements.

The Oracle Internet Directory image must be installed on the master node and each of the worker nodes in your Kubernetes cluster. Alternatively you can place the image in a docker registry that your cluster can access.

After installing the Oracle Internet Directory image run the following command to make sure the image is installed correctly on the master and worker nodes:

$ docker images

The output will look similar to the following:

REPOSITORY                                                                   TAG                       IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
oracle/oid                                                                         8a937042bef3        3 weeks ago         992MB                                                        v1.18.4                   718fa77019f2        3 months ago        117MB                                                    v1.18.4                   c663567f869e        3 months ago        95.3MB                                           v1.18.4                   e8f1690127c4        3 months ago        162MB                                                    v1.18.4                   408913fc18eb        3 months ago        173MB                                                       v0.12.0-amd64             4e9f801d2217        6 months ago        52.8MB                                                             3.2                       80d28bedfe5d        7 months ago        683kB                                                           1.6.7                     67da37a9a360        8 months ago        43.8MB                                                              3.4.3-0                   303ce5db0e90        11 months ago       288MB                                             v0.18.1                   e5a616e4b9cf        16 months ago       22.9MB                                               v0.4.1                    70eeaa7791f2        20 months ago       41.3MB

Setup the Code Repository To Deploy Oracle Internet Directory

Oracle Internet Directory deployment on Kubernetes leverages deployment scripts provided by Oracle for creating Oracle Internet Directory containers using samples or Helm charts provided. To deploy Oracle Internet Directory on Kubernetes you should set up the deployment scripts on the master node as below:

Create a working directory to setup the source code.

$ mkdir <work directory>

For example:

$ mkdir /scratch/OIDContainer

From the directory you created, download the Oracle Internet Directory deployment scripts from the Oracle Internet Directory repository.

$ git clone --branch release/21.4.2

You can now use the deployment scripts from <work directory>/fmw-kubernetes/OracleInternetDirectory/kubernetes/samples/ to set up the Oracle Internet Directory environments as further described in this document.