Release Notes

Review the latest changes and known issues for Oracle SOA Suite on Kubernetes.

Recent changes

Date Version Introduces backward incompatibilities Change
October 3, 2020 20.3.3 no Certified Oracle WebLogic Kubernetes operator version 3.0.1. Kubernetes 1.14.8+, 1.15.7+, 1.16.0+, 1.17.0+, and 1.18.0+ support. Flannel is the only supported CNI in this release. SSL enabling for the Administration Server and Managed Servers is supported. Only Oracle SOA Suite is supported.

Known issues

  1. Overriding tuning parameters is not supported using configuration overrides
  2. Deployments in WebLogic administration console display unexpected error
  3. Enterprise Manager console may display ADF_FACES-30200 error
  4. Configure the external URL access for Oracle SOA Suite composite applications
  5. Configure the external access for the Oracle Enterprise Scheduler WebServices WSDL URLs