d. Upgrade Elasticsearch and Kibana

This section shows how to upgrade Elasticsearch and Kibana.

To determine if this step is required for the version you are upgrading to, refer to the Release Notes.

Download the latest code repository

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the latest code as per Download the latest code repository.

Undeploy Elasticsearch and Kibana

From October 22 (22.4.1) onwards, OIG logs should be stored on a centralized Elasticsearch and Kibana stack.

Deployments prior to October 22 (22.4.1) used local deployments of Elasticsearch and Kibana.

If you are upgrading from July 22 (22.3.1) or earlier, to October 22 (22.4.1) or later, you must first undeploy Elasticsearch and Kibana using the steps below:

  1. Edit the $WORKDIR/kubernetes/elasticsearch-and-kibana/elasticsearch_and_kibana.yaml and change all instances of namespace to correspond to your deployment.

  2. Delete the Elasticsearch and Kibana resources using the following command:

    $ kubectl delete -f $WORKDIR/kubernetes/elasticsearch-and-kibana/elasticsearch_and_kibana.yaml

Deploy Elasticsearch and Kibana in centralized stack

  1. Follow Install Elasticsearch stack and Kibana to deploy Elasticsearch and Kibana in a centralized stack.