Enable additional URL access

This section provides information about how to extend an existing ingress (Non-SSL and SSL termination) to enable additional application URL access for Oracle SOA Suite domains.

The ingress per domain created in the steps in Set up a load balancer exposes the application paths defined in template YAML files present at ${WORKDIR}/charts/ingress-per-domain/templates/.

To extend an existing ingress with additional application URL access:

  1. Update the template YAML file at ${WORKDIR}/charts/ingress-per-domain/templates/ to define additional path rules.

    For example, to extend an existing NGINX-based ingress with additional paths /path1 and /path2 of an Oracle SOA Suite cluster, update nginx-ingress.yaml with additional paths:

    # Copyright (c) 2020, 2021, Oracle and/or its affiliates.
    # Licensed under the Universal Permissive License v 1.0 as shown at https://oss.oracle.com/licenses/upl.
    {{- if eq .Values.type "NGINX" }}
    apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
    kind: Ingress
      - host: '{{ .Values.nginx.hostname }}'
          # Add new paths -- start  
          - path: /path1
              serviceName: '{{ .Values.wlsDomain.domainUID }}-cluster-{{ .Values.wlsDomain.soaClusterName | lower | replace "_" "-" }}'
              servicePort: {{ .Values.wlsDomain.soaManagedServerPort  }}
          - path: /path2
              serviceName: '{{ .Values.wlsDomain.domainUID }}-cluster-{{ .Values.wlsDomain.soaClusterName | lower | replace "_" "-" }}'
              servicePort: {{ .Values.wlsDomain.soaManagedServerPort  }}
          # Add new paths -- end
          - path: /console
              serviceName: '{{ .Values.wlsDomain.domainUID }}-{{ .Values.wlsDomain.adminServerName | lower | replace "_" "-" }}'
              servicePort: {{ .Values.wlsDomain.adminServerPort }}
    {{- end }}
  2. Get the Helm release name for the ingress installed in your domain namespace:

    $ helm ls -n <domain_namespace>

    For example, in the soans namespace:

    $ helm ls -n soans

    Sample output, showing the Helm release name for a NGINX-based ingress as soa-nginx-ingress:

    NAME                  NAMESPACE       REVISION        UPDATED                               STATUS        CHART                 APP VERSION
    soa-nginx-ingress     soans            1        2021-02-17 13:42:03.252742314 +0000 UTC  deployed  ingress-per-domain-0.1.0     1.0
  3. To extend the existing ingress per domain with additional paths defined in the template YAML, use the helm upgrade command:

    $ cd ${WORKDIR}
    $ helm upgrade <helm_release_for_ingress> \
        charts/ingress-per-domain \
        --namespace <domain_namespace> \

    Note: helm_release_for_ingress is the ingress name used in the corresponding helm install command for the ingress installation.

    Sample command for a NGINX-based ingress soa-nginx-ingress in the soans namespace:

    $ cd ${WORKDIR}
    $ helm upgrade soa-nginx-ingress \
        charts/ingress-per-domain \
        --namespace soans \

    This will upgrade the existing ingress to pick up the additional paths updated in the template YAML.

  4. Verify that additional paths are updated into the existing ingress.

    a. Get the existing ingress deployed in the domain namespace:

    $ kubectl get ingress -n <domain_namespace>

    For example, in the soans namespace:

    $ kubectl get ingress -n soans

    Sample output, showing the existing ingress as soainfra-nginx:

    NAME               CLASS    HOSTS         ADDRESS        PORTS     AGE
    soainfra-nginx   <none>   domain1.org   80, 443    xxd

    b. Describe the ingress object and verify that new paths are available and pointing to desired backends.

    Sample command and output, showing path and backend details for /path1 and /path2:

    $ kubectl describe ingress soainfra-nginx -n soans|grep path
                                         /path1                     soainfra-cluster-soa-cluster:8001 (,
                                         /path2                     soainfra-cluster-soa-cluster:8001 (,