Coherence Operator Documentation

Oracle enables organizations using Coherence to move their clusters into the cloud. By supporting industry standards, such as Docker and Kubernetes, Oracle facilitates running Coherence on cloud-neutral infrastructure. In addition, Oracle provides an open-source Coherence Operator (“the operator”), which implements features to assist with deploying and managing Coherence clusters in a Kubernetes environment. You can:

The fastest way to experience the operator is to follow the Quick Start guide, or try out the samples.

About This Documentation

This documentation includes sections targeted to different audiences. To help you find what you are looking for more easily, consult this table of contents:

User Guide

The User Guide provides detailed information on all aspects of using the operator including:


Refer to our samples for information about the available sample code.

Things to Keep In Mind for Existing Coherence Users

Software running in Kubernetes must provide “health checks” so that Kubernetes can make informed decisions about starting, stopping, or even killing, the containers running the software. The operator provides everything required to do this for Coherence. Keep in mind that these health checks cause frequent MemberJoined and MemberLeft events to happen. If these events refer to something like OracleCoherenceK8sPodChecker, they are normal and be safely ignored.

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We have a public Slack channel where you can get in touch with us to ask questions about using the operator or give us feedback or suggestions about what features and improvements you would like to see. We would love to hear from you. To join our channel, please visit this site to get an invitation. The invitation email will include details of how to access our Slack workspace. After you are logged in, please come to #operator and say, “hello!”