Get images

Get these images and put them into your local registry.

  1. Pull the operator image:

    $ docker pull
  2. Pull the Traefik ingress controller image:

    $ docker pull traefik:2.2.1
  3. Obtain the WebLogic Server image from the Oracle Container Registry.

    a. First time users, follow these directions.

    b. Find and then pull the WebLogic General Availability (GA) installation image.

    GA images are suitable for demonstration and development purposes only where the environments are not available from the public Internet; they are not acceptable for production use. In production, you should always use CPU (patched) images from OCR or create your images using the WebLogic Image Tool (WIT) with the --recommendedPatches option. For more guidance, see Apply the Latest Patches and Updates in Securing a Production Environment for Oracle WebLogic Server.

    $ docker pull
  4. Copy the image to all the nodes in your cluster, or put it in a container registry that your cluster can access.