Operator prerequisites

For the current production release 3.2.5:

  • Kubernetes 1.16.15+, 1.17.13+, 1.18.10+, 1.19.7+, and 1.20.6+ (check with kubectl version).
  • Flannel networking v0.9.1-amd64 or later (check with docker images | grep flannel), Calico networking v3.16.1 or later, or OpenShift SDN on OpenShift 4.3 systems.
  • Docker 18.9.1 or 19.03.1+ (check with docker version) or CRI-O 1.20.6+ (check with crictl version | grep RuntimeVersion).
  • Helm 3.3.4+ (check with helm version --client --short).
  • For domain home source type Model in Image, WebLogic Deploy Tooling 1.9.11.
  • Either Oracle WebLogic Server with patch 29135930, Oracle WebLogic Server, or Oracle WebLogic Server
    • The existing WebLogic Server image, container-registry.oracle.com/middleware/weblogic:, has all the necessary patches applied.
    • Check the WLS version with docker run container-registry.oracle.com/middleware/weblogic: sh -c 'source $ORACLE_HOME/wlserver/server/bin/setWLSEnv.sh > /dev/null 2>&1 && java weblogic.version'.
    • Check the WLS patches with docker run container-registry.oracle.com/middleware/weblogic: sh -c '$ORACLE_HOME/OPatch/opatch lspatches'.
  • Container images based on Oracle Linux 8 are now supported. The Oracle Container Registry hosts container images based on both Oracle Linux 7 and 8, including Oracle WebLogic Server images based on Java 8 and 11.
  • You must have the cluster-admin role to install the operator. The operator does not need the cluster-admin role at runtime. For more information, see the role-based access control, RBAC, documentation.
  • We do not currently support running WebLogic in non-Linux containers.