Setup checklist

  1. Fulfill the operator prerequisite requirements.

  2. Set up Kubernetes.

  3. Optional. Enable Istio.

  4. Install Helm.

  5. Get the operator image from the GitHub Container Registry.

  6. Install the operator.

  7. Optional. Run a database. For example, run an Oracle database inside Kubernetes.

  8. Optional. Load balance with an ingress controller or a web server. For information about the current capabilities and setup instructions for each of the supported load balancers, see the WebLogic Operator Load Balancer Samples.

  9. Optional. Configure Kibana and Elasticsearch. You can send the operator logs to Elasticsearch, to be displayed in Kibana. Use this sample script to configure Elasticsearch and Kibana deployments and services.

  10. Optional. Create persistent file storage. For example, a Kubernetes PersistentVolume (PV) and PersistentVolumeClaim (PVC).

  11. Set up your domain. For information, see Choose a domain home source type.