Container image protection

WebLogic domain in image protection

Oracle strongly recommends storing the container images that contain a WebLogic domain home as private in the container registry. In addition to any local registry, public container registries include GItHub Container Registry and the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry (OCIR).

The WebLogic domain home that is part of an image contains sensitive information about the domain including keys and credentials that are used to access external resources (for example, the data source password). In addition, the image may be used to create a running server that further exposes the WebLogic domain outside of the Kubernetes cluster.

There are two main options to pull images from a private registry:

  1. Specify the image pull secret on the WebLogic Domain resource.
  2. Set up the ServiceAccount in the domain namespace with an image pull secret.
1. Use imagePullSecrets with the Domain resource.

In order to access an image that is protected by a private registry, the imagePullSecrets should be specified in the Kubernetes Domain resource definition:

apiVersion: ""
kind: Domain
  name: domain1
  namespace: domain1-ns
    weblogic.domainUID: domain1
  domainHomeSourceType: Image
  image: "my-domain-home-in-image"
  imagePullPolicy: "IfNotPresent"
  - name: "my-registry-pull-secret"
    name: "domain1-weblogic-credentials"

To create the Kubernetes Secret, my-registry-pull-secret, in the namespace where the domain will be running, domain1-ns, the following command can be used:

$ kubectl create secret docker-registry my-registry-pull-secret \
  -n domain1-ns \
  --docker-server=<registry-server> \
  --docker-username=<name> \
  --docker-password=<password> \

For more information about creating Kubernetes Secrets for accessing the registry, see the Kubernetes documentation about pulling an image from a private registry.

2. Set up the Kubernetes ServiceAccount with imagePullSecrets.

An additional option for accessing an image protected by a private registry is to set up the Kubernetes ServiceAccount in the namespace running the WebLogic domain with a set of image pull secrets thus avoiding the need to set imagePullSecrets for each Domain resource being created (because each resource instance represents a WebLogic domain that the operator is managing).

The Kubernetes Secret would be created in the same manner as shown above and then the ServiceAccount would be updated to include this image pull secret:

$ kubectl patch serviceaccount default -n domain1-ns \
  -p '{"imagePullSecrets": [{"name": "my-registry-pull-secret"}]}'

For more information about updating a Kubernetes ServiceAccount for accessing the registry, see the Kubernetes documentation about configuring service accounts.