OpenShift anyuid security context

The Docker images that Oracle publishes default to the container user as oracle, which is UID 1000 and GID 1000. When running the Oracle images or layered images that retain the default user as oracle with OpenShift, the anyuid security context constraint is required to ensure proper access to the file system within the Docker image. This means that the administrator must:

  1. Ensure the anyuid security content is granted
  2. Ensure that WebLogic containers are annotated with anyuid

For example, to update the OpenShift policy, use:

$ oc adm policy add-scc-to-user anyuid -z default

and to annotate the WebLogic containers, update the WebLogic Domain resource to include annotations for the serverPod. For example:

kind: Domain
  name: domain1
  domainUID: domain1
      - name: var1
        value: value1
    annotations: anyuid

For additional information about OpenShift requirements and the operator, see the OpenShift section in the User Guide.

Using a dedicated namespace

When the user that installs an individual instance of the operator does not have the required privileges to create resources at the Kubernetes cluster level, a dedicated namespace can be used for the operator instance and all the WebLogic domains that it manages. For more details about the dedicated setting, please refer to Operator Helm configuration values.