Simple samples

This section provides samples for individual tasks. The samples in this section are intended to be modified before production use.


    Sample for creating a Kubernetes secret that contains the Administration Server credentials. This secret can be used in creating a WebLogic domain resource.


    Sample for creating a PV or PVC that can be used by a domain resource as the persistent storage for the WebLogic domain home or log files.


    These samples show various choices for working with domains.


    Sample for generating a self-signed certificate and private key that can be used for the operator's external REST API.


    Load balancer sample scripts.

    Elastic Stack

    Operator Sample for configuring the Elasticsearch and Kibana deployments and services for the operator's logs. WebLogic domain Sample for using Fluentd for WebLogic domain and operator's logs. SOA domain Samples for publishing logs to Elasticsearch and monitoring a SOA instance.