Get images

Get these images and put them into your local registry.

  1. If you don’t already have one, obtain a Docker store account, log in to the Docker store and accept the license agreement for the WebLogic Server image.

  2. Log in to the Docker store from your Docker client:

    $ docker login
  3. Pull the operator image:

    $ docker pull oracle/weblogic-kubernetes-operator:2.5.0
  4. Pull the Traefik load balancer image:

    $ docker pull traefik:1.7.12
  5. Obtain the WebLogic image from the Oracle Container Registry.

    a. First time users, follow these directions.

    b. Find and then pull the WebLogic install image:

    $ docker pull

    The WebLogic Docker image, weblogic:, has all the necessary patches applied.

  6. Copy the image to all the nodes in your cluster, or put it in a Docker registry that your cluster can access.