ODPI-C Enumeration dpiSubscrQOSΒΆ

This enumeration identifies the quality of service flags for sending notifications to subscriptions.

Value Description
DPI_SUBSCR_QOS_RELIABLE Notifications are sent reliably. If the database fails, the notifications are not lost. This is not supported for nonpersistent queues or buffered messaging.
DPI_SUBSCR_QOS_DEREG_NFY When the notification has been received, the subscription is removed.
DPI_SUBSCR_QOS_ROWIDS Information on the rows affected by the database or query change is sent along with the notification.
DPI_SUBSCR_QOS_QUERY Perform query notification instead of database change notification. Notification is done in guaranteed mode which guarantees that the query has in fact changed.
DPI_SUBSCR_QOS_BEST_EFFORT Perform query notification in best effort mode which may result in notifications being sent when the query has not in fact changed. This is needed for complex queries that cannot be registered in guaranteed mode.